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Disappearing Hourglass—Take Two

A few months ago I watched one of the Missouri Star Quilt Company  tutorials by Jenny Doan. I found myself fascinated by the technique Jenny demonstrated and decided I needed to give it a try. A week or two later I dug out a bundle of ½ yard cuts I’d picked up at Quilt Odyssey the year before and started cutting.

Of course, before cutting I pulled up the video and watched it again—just to make sure I remembered the way things were supposed to work. Here, have a look . . .

Pretty cool, huh?

I cut 10-inch squares from the ½ yard pieces, stacked, sewed the perimeters, and cut again.

Quilt block

So far, so good. Then I did the magic cuts and turns.

quilt block

Looks pretty good, I thought. Here’s a closer view of another set.

quilt block

quilt block

I made several more.

quilt block

Notice anything yet?

Did you watch the video?

I didn’t turn the middle 4 patch. I liked the blocks as they were and since I’d already made, I dunno, about half a dozen finished blocks AND had about that many partially completed I had a decision to make. It wasn’t difficult. As awesome as Jenny’s original blocks were I was not unsewing the ones I’d made.

So, there you have it. Disappearing Hourglass Blocks—Take Two.

(Do check out all of Jenny Doan’s tutorials as well as the shop’s website. Nope, no affiliation, but I have ordered from them and been pleased with their service.)


August Break: Day 17

It started with a text from my daughter . . . which led to rooting around in the yarn stash . . . where I found this wonderful bunch of squishiness I had forgotten about.

Wool yarn
What was forgotten is found.


Inspiration Everywhere

Not too long ago I watched an episode of The Quilt Show that stirred my imagination in a way I hadn’t felt in a while. Could it be because I was exercising at the time (endorphins and all that)? Who knows. I knew about this quilter—had visited her site a time or two. And while I appreciated her creative spark, there was always the thought of “not for me.” For whatever reason, this time was different.

Victoria, you don’t know me, but thank you for being on The Quilt Show. And thank you for 15 minutes of play which, as you’ll see, has become more than 15 minutes. Specifically, I’ve been fiddling with “made fabric” and I am, bit by bit, accumulating blocks.

Blocks in progress

15Min Blocks

A couple of finished blocks

Finish Block b

15Min Block














I’ve lots more “in progress” since this method is a dandy way to make use of scraps. There’s some of everything in these, including batiks and bits of African fabrics. I’m still tossing around ideas in my head about what to do with the finished blocks. They’re interesting no matter which way you turn them, but I’m kind of liking them on point. Then again . . .

Grouped together

Block group