My Tale

Hi! I’m Anita and will also answer to Annie or Grannie.

I’m a grannie, which means the brightest and most adorable grandchildren are, of course, related to me. I’m a quilter, which for me means I probably spend more time shopping for, and playing with, fabric than actually making something with it. I’m a gardener and get excited beyond all reason when the first daffodil shows itself come spring. I’m a knitter and think it’s perfectly normal to fondle yarn on a regular basis.  I also dabble about in cooking, baking and myriad other things.

If you have a question about something on my site, feel free to contact me by either leaving a comment or emailing keevatales-at-gmail-dot-com.

KeeVa Tales is about celebrating creativity and beauty in all its forms. I’m glad you could stop by.

tales from a creative mind