August Break: Day Eight

Spent time today at the Eisenhower farm with my daughter and grandchildren. As we toured the house and listened to  the docent talk about their lives I got the feeling that Mr. and Mrs. Eisenhower would have been great people to know. Their home was more comfortable than grand—not that there weren’t small touches of grand here and there. But above all the farm was a much beloved home. And, surprisingly, it was the only one that the Eisenhowers ever owned.

Self-guided tours of the property are encouraged. I was a bit bemused when I came upon  the old gas pump. I guess it made sense that they would have had  fuel tanks on the property. It was a working farm after all. I’m not sure what befuddled me more, the fact that the pumps rang up a charge (why?), or the fact that the going rate still showing was a whopping 24-cents per gallon! The old pumps (I discovered two more in another location) haven’t pumped gas in decades of course. But they still stand in place as sentinels of an era long past.

Old gas pump
Old gas pump on the Eisenhower farm.