August Break: Day 3

Inspiration Everywhere, Part Two

Yesterday’s post was really a Part One. While 15 Minutes of Play gave me a boost for quilting, a post from Martine at iMake gave me a boost for both photography and blogging. Have a look at her post about The August Break and also Susannah Conway’s site where the idea originated. As both explain, the idea is to take (and post) a photo every day during the month of August. There’s an inspiration list on Susannah Conway’s site if you need ideas on what to photograph.

So here I am jumping in at day 3 (even though I did know about it sooner). I confess there was camera fiddling and a bit of Photoshop fiddling. I alternate between using my phone and using my Canon DSLR and definitely need to use the Canon more. (I will! Really!) On the other hand, there is the saying that your best camera is the one you have with you, right? A steady hand never hurts, as does waiting for the gosh darned breeze to stop blowing when you’re standing/squatting in awkward positions while trying to snag closeups of flowers. Patience (or lack of) and creaky joints sometimes add to the fun. But you know? Sometimes you get that shot you love and, next thing you know, you’re out there doing it all over again.

Pink Zinnia
Pink Zinnia: Day One
Marigolds: Day Two
Garden beans
Fresh picked beans from the garden