Goodness of Heart

There’s been much on the news in past months that, as syndicated news is wont to do, depresses the spirit by highlighting (and inevitably harping on) that which is darkest in humankind. I think that is one reason that I’ve come to so appreciate bloggers, especially those of quilters, knitters, and other creatives. Why? Because in between stories, if you will, of the “stuff” of creativity, whether it’s textiles, patterns, gardens, recipes, or whatever, there are the snippets of the real lives of caring and wonderful people from all over the world.

Just this morning I came across one such post on the Stitch London Blog. Writer Deadly Knitshade (the moniker does make me smile) crafts a vignette of “get up and go” spirit among Londoners after the recent riots that honors what is strong and good in the human spirit. No cowering behind locked doors here.

And for you knitters out there, the Stitch London Blog post also references the OsLove heart pattern by Norwegian knitter Kaja Marie Lereng Kvernbakken. The pattern was a response to the devastating events in Oslo and Utøya and has been updated with a theme for Lovedon.

Cheers and keep those needles going!