Border Quilting

I’ve managed to fit in some time on quilting the borders. Progress is slow but getting there. I decided to go with a somewhat freeform leaf/vine motif. The contrast between the thread color and the dark batik isn’t as stark on the actual quilt. (Yes, someday I will replace my camera, or learn to take better pictures with what I have!)

Border quilting

I also received these goodies in the mail recently. Burgundy Buttons was having a sale and I couldn’t resist.

Moda fabricsMore Moda

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On another note, I read a post on Jaybird Quilts about organization and had to smile. Can I stay organized? Nope. Do I start to get spazzed when things get a little too haphazard and messy? Yup. Is every flat surface clear? Are you kidding?? Although, maybe if I put up more shelves I’d have a better shot at it. And I can relate to things that don’t have a place where they belong. That either says something about the virtues of having fewer things, or a better system for storing said things (it’s pretty much just the fabric I need more room for). Back to the more shelves idea . . .