I started this months ago and then put it aside to do some other projects. Just recently it started calling me, “Me next! Me next!”

Fans of Ricky Tims will recognize the technique.

The templates and the strata.
templates strata


basting needles basting

After viewing Sharon Schamber’s method of basting, I put away the safety pins and haven’t looked back. I like this method sooo-oo much better. I use two strands of embroidery floss (the cheapest I can find) and snip it out of the way as I quilt. Sometimes I quilt right over it and haven’t had any problems removing it. No more pins clacking and scraping across the bed of the sewing machine and table. (Thank you, Sharon, for sharing this method!)

Here is part 1 of Sharon’s YouTube video on hand basting. Part 2 should show up on the same page. I’ve done the basting with and without boards. If the quilt is small enough, like the kaleidoscope, I can layer everything smoothly on the cutting table and use a few straight pins to hold the layers in place until the basting is finished.

I’m about halfway through the quilting. More pics on the way!

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