Fresh Ideas

Ever since I started quilting I’ve had a love/hate relationship with creating labels for my finished quilts. The idea of a label certainly has its appeal. I like the idea of adding information like the quilt name, the year it was (finally) finished and maybe a personal message like “Lovingly made by grannie” or something else appropriate. But more often than not I’ve let a quilt out of my hands sans the label. Why is that? Why, after all the time spent creating the thing, do I balk at that last step? I dunno. I think maybe I’m so ready to move on to the next thing that I talk myself right out of it. Another reason is that I don’t like my handwriting. My brain envisions this lovely script evenly spaced across the label but the reality never quite lives up to the picture in my head. I’m frustrated before I start making the thing.

Shifting Sands quilt
Shifting Sands: One that got away without its label.

Today I had a revelation. While browsing the jaybird quilts blog I happened across label tutorial: the spoonflower way. What a fantastic idea! I’ve heard of Spoonflower but had never thought to do something like this. Yeah, I’ll still need to write on it. But if I’ve got an attractive, ready-made label already prepared AND stick to simple lettering for the pertinent details, even I shouldn’t balk at adding the label.

Next step . . . design the label.

Shifting Sands was made primarily with fabric from Cameroon. The design was based on the technique described in Wonderful 1 Fabric Quilts by Kay Nickols.